Awards & Competitions

Our Students Love a Challenge

The Inventure Prize at Georgia Tech was established in 2008 as a faculty sponsored initiative to encourage inventiveness on the part of its student body.  The finals are broadcast live on television with the awarding of a grand prize of $20,000 and legal sponsorship by Georgia Tech of the patenting procedures.

  • In its second year, Joyce Zou, an Industrial Design major, was selected as a finalist with her design of a portable coffee maker, “Express Press,” designed to improve coffee brewing techniques. 
  • In 2010, another Industrial Design major, Daniel Chaney, won First Place for his design of the “Slide-Capo,” a guitar accessory integrating the slide and the capo to allow for faster and smoother playing and the possibility of incorporating new techniques. 
  • In 2011, Matthew Stoddard, another Industrial Design major, won Second Place for his design of a pressure-sensitive capacitive stylus designed for precision that he named the “Stylii.” 
  • In 2013, another ID major, Basheer Tome, was also selected as a finalist for his design of a toaster, “Hue,” with the capability of registering by color the degree of toast range.  While Basheer did not receive one of the cash awards, his toaster design was reported on in Newsweek and eventually went viral with all of its social media exposure.
  • First Place in 2014 was awarded to a team, Team Chai Choo, composed of two ID students, Jasmine Burton and Erin Cobb and a Chemical Engineering student, Brandie Banner, for their design of an innovative mobile toilet for developing countries.