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Maria Longoria

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I believe design should serve a greater purpose than its sole utilitarian function. Good design intentionally creates something while simultaneously considering it’s objective, function, economics, sociocultural factors, and aesthetics. At the heart, I design to bring people together & improve our daily lives.


We are constantly soaking in what we see on digital media and it in turn it influences our society, culture, and especially fashion. The media’s power to sell fashion today has gone full-scale with the advent of the digital revolution, opening the doors to everyone and enabling the film’s fashion influence to expand worldwide. `

So what does that mean for us? That means if you are one of the 500+ million subscribers to a streaming service like Netflix, you’ve probably been influenced by what you see people wearing on TV. 

That’s where StreamLine comes in.


Project Process Book

StreamLine is a platform that plugs in directly into your streaming services so that you can save and buy your favorite outfits from the big screen! StreamLine also links directly to a mobile app where you can view their newly saved outfits, ship them straight to your door, and categorize your favorite looks!

Maria Longoria

About Me

Maria Longoria

As an UX designer, I strive for simplicity in my designs. Simplicity can be harder to achieve than complex and requires a deep dive into the user’s mind to gain a clear understanding of the main goal. I believe that good design is intuitive, straightforward, and honest.