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Vaishu Merugu

Capstone Design Studio Vaishu Merugu

I believe that relationships are the most important aspects of our lives - relationships between people and places and things and experiences.
Ultimately, these are what add value and purpose to our lives and keep us smiling daily. 
As a designer, I strive to create meaningful relationships. Through empathy-driven reasoning and a whole lot of innovative "what if we...?" questions, I hope to design seamless interactions that make life a little easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.


Rent-a-Sari is an online platform that allows Desi-Americans to rent traditional ethnic wear from other Desi-Americans for formal events. This platform alleviates pain points surrounding ethnic wear, such as the high price point and stresses of being a part of two cultures. I designed and prototyped a website that would facilitate meaningful connections and sales between the Desi-American community. As a Desi-American myself, I have first-hand experienced the struggles of not knowing which culture to embrace. As much of this confusion stems from the clothing we wear, this project tackled some issues and alleviated some pain points near and dear to my heart. I hope you'll enjoy learning about this project as much as I loved working on it!


Project Process Book

This process book outlines the research conducted and provides a closer look at my design process as well as well as the user interfaces and interactions that take place on this platform. My comprehensive research consists of trends, market competitors, and users. After synthesizing my insights, I designed a new brand and prototyped my website using Adobe XD. I consider the project I created to be an MVP, and I hope to enter into design competitions to bring it to completion someday. 

Vaishu Merugu

About Me

Vaishu Merugu

I started at Georgia Tech as a Biomedical Engineer, but I quickly realized I was missing the creativity and connection to people that Industrial Design provides. So, I switched my major and never looked back. As a designer and business woman, I believe my people-focused education allows me to create meaningful connections while understanding the needs of all stakeholders in a situation. I am curious, thoughtful, and energetic. I am proud of my journey throughout design and the relationships I have built along the way. Post-graduation, I will be joining McMaster-Carr in a Management Development role, and I am super excited to use my design background to create meaningful relationships in a people-focused role!

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