Graduate Programs

Graduate Level Design

We offer two graduate program options in the School of Industrial Design, Master of Industrial Design (MID) and Master of Science in Human-Centered Interaction (MS-HCI).Both programs capitalize on Georgia Tech's rich tradition of technological innovation and research while at the same time allowing students to explore the design of new and existing technologies.

Graduate students in both majors develop a level of confidence and project management skills that can only come from a studio environment that requires design substantiation. Research is the basis for our graduate programs, and our students have access to some of the top technological researchers in the world through the Georgia Tech Research Institute and participation in our school's affiliated research facilities.

Faculty members are practicing designers and experts in their fields. They maintain active research programs in tangible products within communication technologies, enabling environments, supportive product systems, rehabilitation technologies and healthcare systems technologies.

The programs encourage students to expand individual disciplinary talents and respond to changing opportunities in the field by supporting realistic design situations. Students have the opportunity to be involved in sponsored and/or funded projects while learning the design process and developing project-based design skills.

Master of Industrial Design

Our graduate students' comprehensive projects require project-planning skills, research, system analysis and prototype development. Student combine the faculty's expertise in research and development with the technologies of advanced computing and rapid prototyping.

Master of HCI, Industrial Design

This multidisciplinary program combines specializations in Industrial Design, Interactive Computing, Digital Media and Engineering Psychology. The program builds on a common core for all four streams and supports specialization in the student's choice of major.