Launchpad Plus 2018: Success on Display!

Make 10

By Malrey Head | May 23, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

Launchpad Plus for spring 2018 was a hit. More than 450 people attended and several students received awards.

Launchpad is designed to "launch" students into their careers or the next phase of their education. It also serves to raise awareness of the great work coming out of Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design.

The annual end-of-semester show attracted students and their family and friends. Also in attendance were about 20 industry representatives and 45 alumni. Among the industry representatives were Autodesk, CDC, Home Depot, Czarnowski, and King of Pops.

New this year was the CREATE-X Industrial Design award. The winner was Team UnderTone: Kristin Andreassen and Leyla Larrson (below), for their investigation of wearables that detects cervical cancer at a precancerous stage. They will get the opportunity to participate in the CREATE-X Startup Launch..

CREATE-X is an institute-wide initiative that gives students the skills and confidence to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. This spring is the start of the collaboration between the School and CREATE-X. It is designed to ensure that at least one industrial design student or team takes part in the CREATE-X summer Startup Launch program. It gives students money for the project as well as mentoring and more

Among the other awards announced at the event were the Industry Awards, also new. Winners of these awards were noted with Gold, Bronze, and Silver honors on their exhibits. Second-year student Francis Lin took home the Best in Show honor for a lighting design named “The Creature.” The Industry Awards were chosen by a committee whose members included Elayne DeLeo of the Atlanta Design Festival, Tim Effler from Kids II, Larry Lee of Plastech, Russell Kroll of Formation Design, and Jeff Smith of Autodesk. They chose designs from each of the years (first year, sophomore, etc. through graduate) to award tiered categories (gold, silver, bronze).

Lin, receiving his award above from ceremony host Bradley Bergeron (MID 2017), was also asked to exhibit "The Creature" in the upcoming Design Economy Expo. His work will be among several projects from the School of Industrial Design.

The evening featured several events. The always popular Make 10 drew a crowd. It started as a project in instructor Steve Chininis' studio class. It draws hundreds to Launchpad each spring. Students are charged with making 10 of an item to sell at the pop-up marketplace.

Senior Michael Sarris (above) demonstrates his product. Students are rated and this year Tiffany Hsu won first place for her RX Slim Pillbox, which sold out at the event. Other student products included a bike rack that looked like outstretched hands, a clock with 3D hands that featured a planet and an airplane, and big book of games.

The PechKucha also is always draw. This year students from different years gave slide presentations in which they reflected on their work and design experience -- the good and the not so good -- in 20 slides in 6 minutes. Sophomore Andrea Herrera (above) makes her presentation.

The Portfolio Gallery, organized by the student chapter of IDSA, is another way for students to showcase studio work. Students have an opportunity to display their best design work and provide contact information. It is a resource for anyone looking for interns or full time design staff.

In the studios were exhibits from class projects. One first-year assignment is making felt shoes, learning soft product design. Other regular assignments are building wooden stools and designing bikes.

The ever-popular Launchpad sponsor wall is not just a hit with students. Senior Lecturer Kevin Shankwiler (left) and Professor Roger Ball take their turn with the Launchpad frame. A curated exhibit of some of the students’ work will remain in Stubbins Gallery through the summer.