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Make 10 Spring 2020

Make 10 Spring 2020

Make 10 is where students can run wild with their entrepreneurial dreams. Except that we take it slow – like training wheels for startups. If you can invent something, design it, figure out how to manufacture it cost-effectively, market it, and sell it – then you start to understand product development from all sides. When students can successfully launch 10 products, they build the confidence to try even bigger adventures!


Entrepreneurs in the Making

Picture of Lamp

Evolve Desk Lamp

The Evolve desk lamp, a captivating lamp that awakes when placed in the correct orientation.
Picture of Holder


The HoldIt Studio Desk Organizer is designed for use by students to declutter their space.
Picture of Dog Toy


Braided dog tug toys made out of t-shirts donated from the local community.
Picture of Lamp

Tube Lamp

Tube Lamp was designed to bring warmth to any desk space through subtle imagery of someone holding a lantern for you.
Picture of Denim Bag


Old2New, or O2N, is an upcycled denim tote bag.
Picture of Air Pod Holder

Pod Bot

Pod Bot is the adorable air pod stand that livens up any desk or nightstand!
Picture of Yoga Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

Picture of Bag


Picture of Holder


Picture of Box

Steminista Box

A STEM box for girls ages 7 - 12. It contains activities teaching them about simple machines, levers, gears, & more.
Picture of Dish Rack


Picture of Bags

Blossom Purses

The Blossom Purses are handmade with wood, leather, and flowers, creating a unique, earthly design.
Picture of Clock

Disc Clock

Time-telling reimagined, this clock tells time by a spinning face and a stationary hour hand.
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