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My hard-working and creative mindset is what sparked my interest in Industrial Design. After three years at Tech, I have strengthened my passion for design and found that I am particularly interested in soft product design as well as the user experience. In addition to my passion for design, I am also passionate about sustainability. Through my designs, I hope to add value and delight to people’s lives while maintaining the health of our planet. With graduation just a year away, I am excited to wrap up my education and continue expanding upon my design skills.

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Class: Sophomore Studio  |  Instructor: Steve Chininis

Touch is a personal wellness device targeted at increasing the user’s awareness of the instinctive habit of touching their face. It consists of four temporary tattoo circuits. These tattoo circuits are flexible and durable. The user applies one tattoo on each wrist and one behind each ear, for a total of four tattoos. The tattoos on the user's wrists contain small motors that cause light vibrations when they come within range of the ear sensors, alerting the user to stop the action. Over time, Touch will condition the user to reduce or stop the contagious behavior of contact between their face and hands. This project was recently featured in a CNN article about the Global Grad Show call for designs focused on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. The article is available at https://cnn.it/2zrd2SD.

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Class: Soft Product Design  |  Instructor: Yaling Liu

Intent is a recycled pullover puffy jacket. It was inspired by environmental awareness and sustainability. The jacket is made from fabric and hardware sourced from an old tent that was no longer used. It is filled with shredded plastic grocery bags. Intent is made from 100% recycled materials. Every component of the jacket is from the reused tent and plastic grocery bags. Every pattern piece was cut from the tent fabric, and the zipper was reused from the tent as well. The jacket is filled with shredded plastic grocery bags to mimic the look and feel of a feather filling. In the future, I may pursue this project further by conducting user testing to assess how much warmth the grocery bags are able to provide.

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Class: Make 10  |  Instructor: Steve Chininis

I designed and produced an up-cycled denim tote bag called Old2New, or O2N. Each bag is made from one pair of thrifted jeans. Before constructing the bag, I waxed the denim to improve the finish of the denim. I also added a hand carved, block-printed pattern to the side panels of each bag. The O2N tote can be used to carry any of your everyday items. It is large enough to use as a grocery bag or to tote your project supplies to studio. The bag is flexible and can easily be folded up to store when it is not in use. The O2N tote is available on Etsy for $35. I only have a few more available, so if you want one please head over to my Etsy shop to purchase one before they are gone!

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Living Laboratory

Living Laboratory

Group Members: All Health Design Studio members

Class: Health Design Studio  |  Instructor: Herb Velazquez

The Health Design Studio partnered with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to design a living laboratory where clinical trials and research can be conducted within the hospital. The living laboratory needed to be able to safely and accurately mimic different acuity levels including ICU, patient room, and the patient’s home environment. We initially split into three groups focusing on: Room Experience, Patient/Visitor Experience, and UI/UX. In the end, all three groups came together to produce one cohesive concept. The final concept is a living laboratory utilizing the floor space of two hospital rooms to create a patient space, home simulation, and observation room. Our key innovations were the two-room layout, enhanced UI/UX, and a boom cabinet in order to remove the boom from the ICU environment to transform into the patient room.

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