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Hello, I'm Jocelyn, an ID major born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I spend my time doing way too many things, and I look forward to doing even more in the near future. I try to design with service and sustainability in mind. I look forward to learning even more and becoming a stronger designer and individuals during my remaining years at Georgia Tech.
Here are some idioms: 

  1. Anything can be achieved through hard work
  2. Do not let the technology know you’re relying on it. In your hour of need, it will betray you.
  3. The opportunities you are given are gifts.
  4. If you feel everything you’ve ever made is garbage and you are a terrible designer, you probably need to go to bed.
  5. There’s always more to learn, and your work can always be better.

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Two photos of a hair pin, one displayed on a table and the other in a girl's hair.

Terra Pin

Terra Pin

Class: ID1012  |  Instructor: Yaling Liu

The purpose of this project was to create a wearable that also served some function to the user. For my piece, I wanted to deal with the work-life issues. It turns out that having some kind of plant in sight helps both your health and your productivity. I created Terra Tool, a nature-oriented hair pin. This unique hair piece doubles as a flower pot, allowing the user to bring a little piece of nature with them, wherever they go. 

A render of an exhibit with mannequins coming out of the walls. The mannequins are holding products and packaging.

Novateur Exhibit

Novateur Exhibit

Group Members: Cameron Silas, Jocelyn Jagrowski, Madison Lovelace, Tynan Purdy
Class: ID 1012  |  Instructor: Yaling Liu

This project was oriented toward exhibition and user-experience design, combining the work of several designers into one whole experience. Initially, our plan was to build an exhibit, but unfortunately  a global pandemic prevented that from happening, so we designed a digital exhibit instead. Our brand, Novateur, is dedicated to highlighting local brands and showcasing them publicly. This exhibit is our pop-up shop design, show casing eight products we had made during the semester. 

Several images of two different sets of earrings, one colorful with funky shapes and the other made of metal and glass.

Anli Earrings

Anli Earrings

Class: ID 1011  |  Instructor: Sam Harris

This project was focused around period design. After researching different design eras and styles, I decided to make a series of earrings, each designed around a different style of design. The two pictured here are the colorful "The Real Folk Blues", based on Memphis design, and "Metal Basher", based on brutalism. The materials for these earrings consisted entirely of scrap materials that were refinished. 

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