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I've always wanted to be an Industrial Designer, except for most of my life I didn't know what it was called! After learning about the industry when I was finishing high school, I knew it was the major for me. That realization has only been confirmed each and every semester. This semester I have grown greatly in product development, product visualization, organizational leadership, and communication. I served as the Junior Studio Representative for our IDSA chapter, which taught me a lot about our design community through serving our students and faculty. I was also the Keyshot Student Representative for the school, which grew both my understanding and appreciation for product visualization, and taught me how to share that passion with my peers. My rigorous studio projects have continued to hone my skill set and devotion to quality design. I am grateful and excited to join NCR this summer as a Summer Design Experience Intern, where it is my goal to continue to serve, grow, and achieve.

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A render of a bike.

Porsche Cycling Century

Porsche Cycling Century

Group Members:  Sarah Haymans, Rachel Hu, Vaishu Merugu, Daniel Nixon, Joseph Nixon, Caleb Platt
Class: ID-3042  |  Instructor: Kevin Shankwiler

The Porsche Cycling Century is a high performance electric road bike designed to be a truly viable road vehicle for the urban commute. We were tasked to design a sub-brand and vehicle under Porsche in order to expand the brand into the light individual transportation market. The Century boasts Porsche performance in its aggressive rider geometry and carbon fiber construction, while also providing the everyday practicality of the brand through electric pedal assistance, an integrated user interface, and an advanced projection-based Road Safety System. Designed to the same standards as Porsche’s automobiles, the Century bike promises to outperform in every scenario, whether it be on the track or your everyday commute.

A render of a clock

Disc Clock

Disc Clock

Class: ID 3803  |  ID: Steve Chininis

If you look around you will notice digital clocks on nearly all of your devices. Our lives are constantly bombarded with the anxiety of our schedules; time goes on with no care for our worries. My goal with this product was to reimagine the clock. To take back control by offering a new and slower perspective on time. The Disc Clock reduces time to its basic elements. There are no numbers, no hands, no minutes or seconds. It records time by the hour. The entire face slowly rotates, each hour marked by subtle engravings and a simple pointer. The Disc Clock is unobtrusive: it is monochrome black, and its glossy acrylic surface reflects the environment around it. It is a statement of subtlety and simplicity. As part of Make 10, you can purchase your own Disc Clock from my Etsy store.


A render of a slanted cube.

Micromeritics Sedigraph IV X-Ray

Micromeritics Sedigraph IV X-Ray

Class: ID 3041  |  Instructor: Kevin Shankwiler

The Micromeritics Sedigraph IV X-ray particle size analyzer is a redesign of the current model, featuring improved usability and an enhanced visual brand language for greater brand representation. An innovative drawer system conceals previously exposed components to create a clean and professional appearance, without compromising easy access to the components for servicing or maintenance. Designed for sheet metal construction, the new design maintains the simple and cost-effective manufacturability of the original, while creating a more dynamic and visually engaging silhouette. This evolution of the product combines user centered design with the internationally acclaimed engineering and technology of Micromeritics.

Several shots of a lamp, including a deconstructed view.



Class: ID 2024  |  Instructor: Steve Chininis

Serving as both adjustable task lighting and an eye-catching statement piece, the Pivot floor lamp is a perfect fit for any mid-century modern styled space. This lamp stands six feet tall upon a unique asymmetrical tripod, offering intriguing interplay of forms from varying perspectives. A pivoting adjustment system provides a range of lighting options. For this project, I fabricated a 1;1 scale, fully functional prototype to ensure its structural stability and feasibility. The lamp won 1st Place Industry Award for Sophomores at last year's spring Launchpad.

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