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Hello, My name is Mary Alsayar, and I am a 4th year Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech graduating at the end of summer. I love designing products that can make life easier and more enjoyable. I grew up in Syria, where people take pride in handmade products, and then I moved to the U.S, where there is a big emphasis on using and incorporating technology in products. Because I have two very different cultures ingrained in me, my designs tend to reflect both ends of the spectrum, as you’ll be able to see on my page. Nature is my biggest inspiration when it comes to design. There is so much beauty in the colors, patterns, and details of nature that brings comfort and hope, so I try incorporate some of that into my design at every possible opportunity. I also love photography, creating graphics in illustrator, playing music, and eating lots ice cream.

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Blossom Purses

Blossom Purses

Class: ID 3803  |  Instructor: Steve Chininis

These are my Blossom Purses. These purses are handmade with wood, faux leather, and flowers to create a fun, earthly design. The design of these purses was inspired by Spring, with real flowers preserved on the sides of each purse. This makes each purse a one-of-a-kind since no two purses have the same flowers and arrangement in them. The top part of the purse is laser cut wood with a unique cut that makes it bendable and flexible to move freely while you use the purse. This purse was made to be just the right size to hold all of your essential needs in it, such as phone, mini water bottle, make up, etc, while being fun to carry around anywhere you go. You can order yours on etsy now, there are only 10 in stock.

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Motion Simulator

Motion Simulator

Group Members: Ryan Fuller, Heyward Smith, Gardy Anger, Yasas Don
Class: ID 4082 | Instructors: Wayne Li, Stephen Sprigle

The goal of this project was to design a stand-alone 6 Degrees of Freedom motion simulator for university driving research labs. This would allow these labs to collect more accurate data for their research and testings with an affordable device.The team working on this project had a combination of ID students (3) and ME students (2), and together we were able to create a design that is accurately evaluated and proven to work once it is actually built. Due to COVID-19 and the campus closing down, we did not have the opportunity to build a physical model, but our 3D model has all of the information that a person would need to make it come to life.

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Class: ID 3051 | Instructor: Wei Wang

Oummi is an interactive smart home device that helps you find lost items inside your home. About 70% of people lose or misplace important items everyday. Among the items lost the most are phones, wallets, keys, and glasses. So how does Oummi work?  Oummi is the combination of 3 components: First, the device body, which has LED's that provide feedback to the user, has audio and home buttons, and the device itself gets carried while the user is searching for their item. Second, the UI, which was thoroughly flushed out in Adobe XD and is where the main user interaction happens. It allows users to add items by pairing them with a sticker, and allows the user to search for those items either through voice or typing. Once the user has selected an item to search for, a compass-like navigation appears that guides the user to their item. And third, the Sticker. The sticker is a vital component of how this device works because it is through this sticker that you can find your items. In it is a sound sensor and a GPS locator, so when you ask Oummi to find an item that has this sticker on it, it can help you find it in two ways, wither use the UI screen let it guide you towards the sticker, or listen to the beeping sound the sticker will make and go search for your item. You can also do both ways at the same time, and use the device body to turn the sticker volume up or down based on your need. The way it works is you would add an item to the device. First you would either take a picture of it with the device or select an icon, then you would give it a name then tap the sticker on the screen to pair it. After you tap the sticker, you need to attach it to your item and then you'll never have to lose it again!

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NotePick Ring

NotePick Ring

Class: ID 1011 | Instructor Yaling Liu

The NotePick Ring is a 3D printed ring made from stainless steel. This ring can hold a guitar pick in it, and then is worn on the index finger of your strumming hand while playing the guitar. This ring solves the guitar players' problem of the guitar pick falling while strumming by holding the guitar pick in place inside the designated slot. That way, you can play your favorite song and strum in style!

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