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As a second-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I am studying the two things that I am most passionate about: design and music. My top design strengths include physical model making, CAD modeling/rendering, and VR rapid prototyping. I am actively looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge in both of these fields.

In March, I began working with a team of students from different disciplines to address a problem posed by COVID-19. After competing and being selected as a winning team in the MIT COVID-19 Hackathon, we were accepted into the Georgia Tech Start-up Launch program, for which I will be the lead designer for the project throughout this upcoming summer.

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Companion Lamp

Companion Lamp

Class: Sophomore Studio  |  Instructor: Lisa Marks

The Companion Lamp is designed to fit into modern office spaces. The purpose of this project was to explore and develop unique light interaction for a chosen environment. I designed the Companion Lamp with friendly anthropomorphic imagery to bring comfort to office spaces, which are often isolating.

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Group Member: Margaret Lu

Class: Intro to Smart Products  |  Instructors: Wei Wang, Yaling Liu, Sang-Won Leigh

MixStudio aims to simplify the tedious mixing boards used for recording music, in order to help beginner music producers optimize their workflow. The board contains three touch-slider channels which can be easily mapped to any MIDI parameter inside of a production software.

I personally enjoyed combining my two fields of study for this project and am inspired to continue looking for ways to help optimize the process of music creation.

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Group: Davis White, Jaime Vera, Ricky Meizoso, Leonard Ricci, Thomas Beckler, Grace Borsetti

The problem we identified for this project is that there is currently no widely used, cost effective way to track or communicate local population density in mass public transit systems. Therefore, riders are left to guess how busy stations, subway cars, and buses are at any given moment.

The solution is an easy to use website and application, PopTracker, that helps the user optimally pick the least busy times, lines, and even cars to ride for a given metro system. With the PopTracker website, the user can see when a metro car is approaching, how full each car is, see live predictions of how dense a specific line will be at any time, and how the rider density has behaved in the day.

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