materials and modelmaking

Advanced Model Making

Advanced Model Making ID3813

This course is intended to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to:


  • Identify the most appropriate type of model to be used at different points in the design process.
  • Understand what each type of model can demonstrate and communicate.
  • Effectively plan and fabricate a variety of different types of models commonly used by designers, using different materials and model making processes.



Project Overview 1

Kinematic Challenge

In this team-based project, students are assigned the task of designing a device to be used to remove and replace an egg from a bowl. The device has to incorporate some “indirect” mechanism to accomplish the task and present a cohesive appearance visually consistent with a specific theme identified by the students.

Foam Core Printer Mockup

Project Overview 2

Foam Core Printer Mockup

In this team-based project, students are initially assigned the task of creating dimensional documentation for an HP printer provided to the class for a 30 minute period. The students are subsequently tasked with building foam-core mockups of the printer using the shop drawings they prepared. In addition to learning foam core fabrication techniques, students quickly learn which dimensions are needed or meaningful for model fabrication.

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