Design and sketching

Design Sketching
ID 4418

Design Sketching ID 4418

This course builds upon basic drawing and visualization techniques necessary for design thinking and development, introducing methods and processes to more effectively present visual information. It is intended to expand design students' basic design sketching skill sets by providing an understanding of how to represent specific materials and environmental conditions with greater specificity.

Sketch from Printed Reference

Project Overview 1

Sketch from Printed Reference

Using a photograph of a product online or in print, students attempt to emulate the perspective and shading of the reference image using pen and markers.  Having a 2D visual reference allows students to focus on specific details that contribute to successful representation of the product.

Transparency & Reflectivity

Project Overview 2

Transparency & Reflectivity

Students are asked to prepare sketches of highly reflective products and those which have transparent details.

Sketches showing Specific Materials & Textures.

Project Overview 3

Sketches Showing Specific Materials and Textures

Students are tasked with sketching products effectively to communicate form. Applying a material/surface texture to the products was layered onto the assignment, with the students representing the products in wood, stone, or plastic/metal having different surface textures.

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