Press Kit: Dine With Design

A computer rendering of a 3-D printed dinnerware set, green dishes with gold trim.

Dinnerware You Can Print From Our Sophomore Studio

"Dine With Design" is an exhibition of 45 student sets of 3-D printed dinnerware.The exhibit explores the ability of anyone to create their own custom place settings.Our students prove you don’t need to rely on Martha Stewart for the perfect tablescape.

"I get excited when I see students tackling real societal problems with simple artifacts," said lecturer Erika Gomez. "The empathy reflected in those designs, and the urge to solve problems for real people, resulted in a great variety of systems exploring the relationships between the user and the environment."

The students focused on addressing human physical imitations, inclusion, and creating connection experiences through dinnerware.

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By Melissa Gurvitz. Poliware is a three piece children's dinnerware set consisting of a five sided cup, four sided bowl, and three sided plate in order to subconsciously teach the children about their numbers and shapes.

Tea Set

By Jinah Huh. This tea set is designed for fancy parties and get togethers with friends, inspired by the Victorian era's highly embellished style, yet simple and modern with gold rims wrapped around the edges for a touch of elegance.

Angle Up

By Chianne Connelly. This dinnerware set was designed for young adults who want to have get togethers in their apartments. The connectedness of the set allows for the users have involved conversations with their guest while still having their food and drink on hand.


By Lillian Gluck. This dinnerware set provides an organic, balanced, modern way for people to serve food. The pieces interact in a way that, when stacked, come together to create a new, unique form that makes a design statement.


By Laura Sierra Otalvaro. Afar is a three piece dinnerwear set that was made to be used by airline passengers in first class. It’s calming tones and contour lines help provide a warm friendly environment for flight.


By Ken Kirtland. Trellis is a high-end dinnerware group comprised of premium materials, contrasted in a way to complement modern cuisine. The industrial modern design feels at home in timeless interiors.


By Lucy Kates. This dinnerware set is designed to assist users who only have use of one hand (after stroke). It maintains the dignity of the users with a sophisticated design while providing a form that enables easy scooping of food without the extra support of another hand.

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