Press Kit: Ear Art

Industrial Design Students Tell Personal Stories With Custom Ear Wear

If our eyes are the windows to the soul are the ears opaque and impassive. Or, are they? Is it possible those flexible pieces of cartilage could also take an active role in communicating our thoughts and feelings? Can they also express opinions?

Using newly developed 3D ear scan technology, students in the School of Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology investigated this proposition. The scan technology allows designers for the first time to see into the hidden corners and canals of the inner ear. Designers can quickly create high-resolution 3D scan files of the ears, inside and out, and 3D print in an exact life-size copy.

Roger Ball, Director of the Body Scan Lab and a professor in the School of Industrial Design, devised a project that investigates the creative potential for this new technology and pushes the boundaries of hearables design.

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by Wengelawit Alemayehu. "People determine others' strength and courage by their physical appearance. But rarely does a person's spirit match its costume. We show our true worth when nothing is left but our instinct"

Pink is the New Red

by Julia Brooks compares mid-century misogyny to the feminist movement of today. This pink represents the millions of participants at the Women's March in Washington DC on January 21, 2017.


by Hollie Chan explores "phubbing", the social phenomenon where people ignore others to pay attention to their phone; it shows voices passing through their heads without getting absorbed.


by Alex Hochfelder is a contextual art piece that serves as a reminder of everyday manipulation we undergo, and how important it is to understand how to think for ourselves.

Bird Shit

by Jane Neiswander calls attention to the feeding frenzy of fake news in today's media.

Pandora's Box

by Harry Tsai expresses that hope is what keep people move forward regarding the outrageous events happen in the past.

Broken Promise

by Chantal LaPointe is an ear art statement against the corruption of the health care system

Box Your Ears

by Alexander McIntyre considers the subtle magic in our language's turns of phrase and brings to life the metaphor behind its titular expression.

Fear Itself

by Veronica Spencer is a contextual ear art piece that explores mental health awareness using a physical manifestation of anxiety.


by Kara Kenna is a statement about the pressure of society telling us what to do, what to say, and how to act. There may be scars from the stress but it only makes us stronger.

Ear Surgery

by Lisi Zhu expresses the strong willing of escaping from social media, no matter how much it is going to cost.


by Chenan Ni is an ear art statement encourages people to discover their inside abilities.

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