Study Abroad

Summer Study Abroad Programs

On average 15-20 Industrial Design students will study abroad in a given summer, through Georgia Tech's popular Oxford or Barcelona programs or the College of Architecture’s Art and Architecture in Greece and Italy study abroad tour. For more information about summer study abroad opportunities, visit the Georgia Tech Office of International Education.

Greece and Italy

The Georgia Tech College of Architecture hosts the Summer Study in Greece and Italy program, designed to introduce the architecture, painting and sculpture of the Classical Greek, Roman, Renaissance and Baroque world to non-architecture students. All instruction takes place on site, at museums, in historic buildings or on walking tours through the cities we visit.


One week of pre-departure classes in Atlanta prepare students for five weeks traveling throughout continental Europe. The program concludes with students studying in Oxford, England, for six weeks while living at Worcester College.


Barcelona, Spain, one of Europe's most historic metropolitan areas and the birthplace of Catalan culture, is the backdrop for this Georgia Tech faculty-led multidisciplinary summer study program. Students can take courses in computing, architecture and languages while there.

Semester Exchange

Georgia Tech has exchange agreements with numerous universities. On average, about 8-10 Industrial Design students participate in international exchange (to another Industrial Design program) per year.  They include:

Coming soon to the semester exchange program: