Your Advisor

Keep Your Education On Track

Troy Whyte is the academic advisor for the School of Industrial Design. His primary role is to assist Industrial Design students through their course of study, so that they are on track and will graduate as close to as possible the standard four year program. He also answers all kinds of questions, covering general information about industrial design to whether or not a student should drop a class.

"My door is always open," he says, "it's only when I actually have a scheduled appointment that I might actually shut my door. But if students pop their head in, I'm here."


Troy helps students navigate their schedule in Industrial Design, whether they are undergraduates, students taking the minor, graduates or prospective students.

  • He meets students during the registration cycles to go over what classes they should take in the following semester
  • He meets with students throughout the semester to find solutions to problems, such as: Getting a calculus tutor, compensating for outside-of-class issues, determining if and when a student should drop a class, or what to do about low grades
  • He meets with all students minoring in Industrial Design in order to facilitate their enrollment in the school's classes -- he helps these students decide which electives to take and serves as their advocate if they seek special access to classes not usually open to outside majors

Staying the Course

Troy also monitors all Industrial Design students' grades and will help keep students on track for graduation.

  • He will notify students if they have missed taking a class they need in order to graduate
  • He will reach out if a student is suddenly underperforming or has uncharacteristically missed classes to offer help
  • He will meet with students who want to switch majors to Industrial Design or transfer in from a different university and guide them through the necessary steps to prepare them for the Industrial Design curriculum

Institute Connections

Troy is also an advocate for Industrial Design students at an institute level. He knows how to solve problems, is versed in proper institute procedures and has a working knowledge of Georgia Tech's various deadlines.

  • He passes on institute notices, like deadline reminders or unique opportunities to Industrial Design students
  • He acts as a go-between for students who need institute-level assistance and can direct students to the proper Georgia Tech office regarding their issues
  • He's connected with the other academic advisors on campus and is a member of the Georgia Tech Academic Advisors Network (GTAAN). This group was created as a means of improving and guiding the delivery of advising services at Georgia Tech.

Job Opportunities

Troy also acts as a conduit for job opportunities. Design firms will contact the School of Industrial Design concerning opportunities for internships, part-time or full-time positions. Troy will send these job announcements via email to applicable student groups (undergraduates or graduates) and is available for consultation, should any students need it. He also facilitates interview opportunities for Industrial Design students on campus: occasionally design firms come to Georgia Tech campus and meet with the students. Troy will reserve a room for interviews and alert the students to the interview schedule.