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BSID Curriculum

BSID Curriculum

Undergraduate education in industrial design at Georgia Tech leads to the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The undergraduate program prepares students for a career in design practice as well as for graduate education in industrial design and related fields. The School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech offers the only industrial design degree program in the University System of Georgia.

Year 1 FallHoursYear 1 SpringHours
ID 1011 Industrial Design Fundamentals I2ID 1012 Industrial Design Fundamentals II2
ID 1101 Intro to Industrial Design I1ID 1102 Intro to Industrial Design II1
ID 1401 Intro to Graphic Communication I1ID 1401 Intro to Graphic Communication II1
ID 1418 Intro to Sketching & Modeling I1ID 1418 Intro to Sketching & Modeling II1
ID 2202 History of Modern Industrial Design3CS 1315 Intro to Media Computation3
ENGL 1101 English Composition I3ENGL 1102 English Composition II3
MATH 1551 Differential Calculus2MATH 1552 Integral Calculus4
XX ---- Social Science Elective3APPH 10-0 Health & Wellness2
 16 17


Year 2 FallHoursYear 2 SpringHours
ID 2023 Industrial Design Studio I3ID 2024 Industrial Design Studio I3
ID 2101 Digital Design Methods3ID 2102 3D Modeling2
ID 2325 User-Centered Design Methods3ID 2320 Human Factors in Design3
Math 1553 Linear Algebra 2ID 2510 Intro to Smart Products3
PHYS 2211 Physics I4ID 2242 Art History II3
  XX ---- Lab Science4
 15 18


Year 3 FallHoursYear 3 SpringHours
ID 30-1 Junior Design Studio I4ID 30-2 Junior Design Studio II4
ID 3302 Materials/Processes II3ID 3301 Materials/Processes I3
ID ---- Industrial Design Elective3ID 4206 Culture of Objects3
ID ---- Industrial Design Elective3ID ---- Industrial Design Elective3
XX ---- Social Science Elective3XX ---- Free Elective3
 16 16


Year 4 FallHoursYear 4 SpringHours
ID 40-1 Senior Design Studio4D 40-1 Senior Design Studio4
ID ---- Industrial Design Elective3ID ---- Industrial Design Elective3
XX ---- Social Science Elective3XX ---- Social Science Elective3
XX ---- Free Elective3XX ---- Humanities Elective3
XX ---- Free Elective3XX ---- Free Elective3
 16 16
APPH 1040Scientific Foundations of Health2
or APPH 1050The Science of Physical Activity and Health
or APPH 1060Flourishing: Strategies for Well-being and Resilience
Core A - Essential Skills 
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
MATH 1552Integral Calculus4
Core B - Institutional Options 
CS 1315Introduction to Media Computation3
Core C - Humanities 
Any HUM3
COA 2242History of Art II3
Core D - Science, Math, & Technology 
Any Lab Science4
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I 14
MATH 1551Differential Calculus2
MATH 1553Introduction to Linear Algebra2
Core E - Social Sciences 
Select one of the following:3
HIST 2111The United States to 1877 
HIST 2112The United States since 1877 
INTA 1200American Government in Comparative Perspective 
POL 1101Government of the United States 
PUBP 3000American Constitutional Issues 
Any SS9
Core F - Courses Related to Major 
ID 1011Industrial Design Fundamentals 12
ID 1012Industrial Design Fundamentals 22
ID 1101Introduction to Industrial Design 11
ID 1102Introduction to Industrial Design 21
ID 1401Introduction to Graphic Communications 11
ID 1402Introduction to Graphic Communications 21
ID 1418Introduction to Sketching and Modeling 11
ID 1419Introduction to Sketching and Modeling 21
ID 2024Industrial Design Studio 23
ID 2023Industrial Design Studio 13
Major Requirements 
ID 2101Digital Design Methods3
ID 21023D Modeling2
ID 2202History of Modern Industrial Design3
ID 2320Human Factors in Design3
ID 2325User Centered Design Methods3
ID 2510Introduction to Smart Product Design3
ID 3031Health Design Studio 14
or ID 3041Product Development Studio 1
or ID 3051Interactive Product Design Studio 1
ID 3032Health Design Studio 24
or ID 3042Product Development Studio 2
or ID 3052Interactive Product Design Studio 2
ID 3301Materials I: Renewables3
ID 3302Materials and Processes II: Nonrenewables3
ID 4061ID Capstone Design Studio 14
or ID 4071Invention Studio 1
or ID 4081ID/ME Collaborative Design Studio 1
ID 4062ID Capstone Design Studio 24
or ID 4072Invention Studio 2
or ID 4082ID/ME Collaborative Design Studio 2
ID 3320Design Methods: User Centered Design3
ID 4206Culture of Objects: A Seminar on the Design and Culture of Objects3
Departmental Electives 
Any ID course12
Free Electives 
Free Electives12
Total Credit Hours130

Pass-fail only allowed for Free Electives. 

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