Winning Student Work

MID Students Earn European Product Design Award Recognition.

European Product Design Award Recognition

MID Students

Image of Yanko Design webpage recognizing Lissette Romero

Yanko Design Recognizes MID Student

Lissette Romero

Image of Ethan's project Cura

2022 Humanitarian Design Award First Place

Ethan Harrington

Image of Trinity lamp

2021 LIT Lighting Design Awards Winner

Jay Burnett

Graphic of Delta Jacket branding with photo of a person lying down in the jacket

Delta Jacket Wins 2021 Inventure Prize

Aya Ayoubi

2023 SID Awards

The School of Industrial Design's 2023 end-of-year awards acknowledged exceptional student leadership, superlative design innovation, instructional excellence, and noteworthy student support. This momentous gathering was scheduled prior to the School's customary end-of-semester student exhibition, Launchpad, bringing together students, faculty, families, and the Atlanta design community. We celebrate and recognize the instrumental role of those who amplify the unique identity of the School of Industrial Design and contribute to its continuous evolution, expansion, and ascension.

SID Recognition

Collage of SID awards night

The first part of the award ceremony recognized the students, faculty, staff, and past alumni who make the School of Industrial Design what it is today. 

Special Service Recognition

William Bullock

Student Support

Amy Fortson

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Jordan Cutsuries

Student Leadership and Excellence

Heather Flemming (IDSA)
Tynan Purdy (IDSA)
Karina Battacharya (IDSA, Grad Council)
Julio de Pereda Banda (Grad Council)
Anderson Yang (Grad Council)
Daniel Vandersteen (Grad Council)
Jocelyn Jagrowski

Annual Design Awards

In addition to our special recognitions, the ceremony continued with our Annual Design Awards to highlight some of our best design students.

Bredendieck Award

Elizabeta Egorova (First Place)
William Downs (Second Place)
Nicollete M. Wendell (Third Place)

RJLM Humanitarian Design Award

Ali Cohen, Claudia Ross, Virginia Schreiber (First Place)
William Downs (Second Place)
Evan Lee, Adam Knops, Lily Szczesniak, Mattew Waller (Third Place)

Make 10 Innovation Awards

Cameron Ragan (First Place)
Mariana Alanso (Second Place)
Nikolay Klishko (Third Place)
Alyna Asani (Honorable Mention)
Haley Gruensfelder (Honorable Mention)

SIT Furniture Design Awards

Jared Teiger (Winner)
Nadean Ali, Nolan Helmuth, Brooke Jarrett, Yifan You (Honorable Mention)

Crystal Cabin Award

Ken Kirtland, Herb Velazques (University Winner)

Love Family Award Foundation

Karis Wang

Bredendieck Awards: Learning From the Bauhaus

The Bredendieck Awards recognize the contributions of Hin Bredendieck to the School of Industrial Design and underscore the direct connections between the industrial design program at the Bauhaus and our program here at Georgia Tech. The Bauhaus introduced a revolutionary approach to design with a central focus on user context and iterative design development, including experimentation and prototyping with an extensive array of materials.


First Place: ARTIFAKT

Elizaveta Egorova


Second Place: MENTED

William Downs

Luna Lamp

Third Place: THE LUNA LAMP

Nicolette Wendell

Graphic design using black and white photo of Hin Bredendieck

Bredendieck's Legacy of Innovative Design

Richard Martin & Barbara Rose Humanitarian Design Award

The School of Industrial Design also presents the Richard John Livingstone Martin Humanitarian Design Award, which supports excellence in humanitarian design for undergraduates. The award honors the memory of Richard Martin, a professor of industrial design, and founder of the Center for Rehabilitation Technology which was later transformed into the Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA). Martin was a beloved professor, dedicated to humanitarian design’s important role in society. He was well-regarded for his research and outreach to the community, but his focus and dedication was to his students.


First Place: Buddy

Ali Cohen, Claudia Ross, Virginia Schreiber


Second Place: Protean

William Downs

Proghorn SAR

Third Place: Proghorn SAR

Evan Lee, Adam Knops, Lily Szczesniak, Mattew Waller

Make 10 Innovation Design Awards

Every spring, the School of Industrial Design presents The Orange Sparkle Ball | Make 10 Award, sponsored by the Atlanta-based design firm Orange Sparkle Ball, to honor entrepreneurship and innovation among students participating in the Make 10 event. The award, which champions hands-on learning, particularly acknowledges products demonstrating innovation, manufacturability, and marketability. Winners are not only rewarded with a cash prize but are also granted three months of complimentary use of the Prototype Prime incubator space in Peachtree Corners, thus encouraging their continued product development post-graduation.


First Place: Mezzo

Cameron Ragan

Belle Licorne

Second Place: Belle Licorne

Mariana Alonso

All in Poker

Third Place: All in Poker

Nikolay Klishko

Further Student Recognition

Not only are our students recognized within the School, but on an international level as well. During the SID 2023 Spring Awards, we had the pleasure of recognizing some of our students who earned awards from the SIT Furniture Design Award and the Crystal Cabin Award.

Jared Teigers lounge chair in context

SIT Furniture Design Award Winner

Jared Teiger, Lounge Chair

Critique Stool render

SIT Furniture Design Award Honorable Mention

Nolan Helmuth, Nadean Ali, Yifan You, Brooke Jarrett

Render of concept student project: Portal

Crystal Cabin Award: University Winner

Ken Kirkland

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