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Design Innovation

Design Innovation

Design innovation plays a critical role in addressing some of the most pressing global challenges by transforming ideas into practical and impactful solutions.

At the core of design innovation, Georgia Tech innovators excel by creating practical, adaptable solutions that address diverse challenges. Their work dramatically enhances people's lives, stimulates economic growth, and advances environmental sustainability. Emphasizing these achievements is vital as it underscores the need for ongoing support and investment in design innovation, which is essential for improving global living conditions and fostering a safer, more efficient world.

Cheng Kue, the founder of The HYPE Company and a Georgia Tech Alumnus.

ID Grad Pitches The HYPE Co. on Shark Tank

Cheng Kue, co-founder of The HYPE Company and Georgia Tech Industrial Design alumnus, showcased his innovative footwear concept on ABC's Shark Tank. The company produces shoes with a nearly waste-free manufacturing process and plans to use plant-based EVA materials for future products. The unique design allows for a single shoe base with multiple interchangeable straps, enabling customization and reflecting individual style preferences. Kue's appearance on Shark Tank increases visibility for his sustainable, user-friendly customization approach in footwear design.

Grouphug Solar Receives Shark Tank Support

Grouphug Solar Receives Shark Tank Support

ID Alum Collaborates with Mark Cuban

Krystal Persaud, founder of Grouphug, won over Mark Cuban on ABC's "Shark Tank" with her innovative small window solar panels and a compelling personal story. A first-generation American, Persaud leveraged her design skills and dedication to sustainability to create a product that can charge devices using solar energy stored in an internal battery. 

2023 InVenture Prize People's Choice

Novela Lamp by Julia Piña (ID)

Julia Piña's Novela Lamp won the People's Choice Award and $5,000 after a public vote during the Inventure Prize. Her lamp is an interactive shadow puppet lamp that allows children to tell stories using puppets and scenes. It promotes imaginative play and fosters communication skill development through creative expression.

2021 InVenture Prize 1st Place & People's Choice

Delta Jacket by Aya Ayoubi (ID)

Aya Ayoubi's Delta Jacket won the People's Choice Award and $20,000 after a public vote during the Inventure Prize competition at Georgia Tech. Her innovative jacket is an inflatable, reversible, waterproof garment that can transform into an air mattress or a protective shelter. Designed to assist homeless populations by providing safety and dignity, the Delta Jacket also contributes to societal welfare.

2014 InVenture Prize 1st Place & People's Choice

Safichoo by Jasmine Burton (ID), Erin Cobb (ID), Brandie Banner (CE)

Jasmine Burton's SafiChoo Toilet won $25,000 at the Inventure Prize competition at Georgia Tech for its potential to improve global sanitation. This innovative toilet design, intended for use in regions without adequate facilities, helps reduce fecal contamination—a major cause of disease. By transforming the approach to sanitation, the SafiChoo Toilet aims to prevent the annual loss of $260 billion due to sanitation-related illnesses. Burton and her team tested the toilet in Kenyan refugee camps to refine the design and plan further improvements for broader implementation. Inspired by this innovation, Burton has founded Wish for Wash.

More Entrepreneurial Innovation

2018 InVenture 2nd Place
InVenture Prize finalist PedalCreator provides guitarists with affordable, customizable sound effects. The design includes a modular base built to house two cartridges.


Invention Enhances Music Effects

2012 InVenture 2nd Place
A stylus for any touchscreen.


A Stylus For Any Touchscreen

2011 InVenture 1st Place
A hybrid guitar slide and capo that allows all new techniques and greater flexibility for guitarists to play faster and smoother.


Enabling Guitarists to Innovate

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