Undergrad students visiting Georgia Tech for FAST and touring the design building.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Georgia Tech is one of the nation’s top destinations for students interested in technological innovation — which is also what makes our industrial design programs right for students interested in the creative potential of design. In the School of Industrial Design, we push the boundaries of design beyond the typical into the innovative.

Flexibility with Focus

We offer three tracks that align our curriculum with cutting-edge directions in the industrial design profession. Students can select studios and/or professors to explore one or more of the following concentrations:  

Students showcase their product during Launchpad's Make 10 celebration. Headphone stand pictured here.

Product Development and Innovation

Student working on health-centered project for scoliosis outcomes.

Health and Well-Being

Colorful ball that reacts to stimulus and engagement.

Interactive Product Design

Black and white pen sketches of shoes on bright red paper.


Our school is significantly different from other ID programs. For us, industrial design is an art that operates at the intersection of design, technology, and business. We combine Georgia Tech's rigorous scientific approach with our design traditions of free-wheeling conceptual development. Integration with computer science classes and our own teaching and research labs motivate students to solve problems and imagine design solutions that anticipate the future.

Student being scanned with iPad.


Graduate students in industrial design are often from disparate backgrounds, but they find a common passion for creative problem solving and empathy.

Classes feature in-class networking through instructors who are well established leaders in their fields. Lecture series feature visiting scholars and practitioners. And research and exhibition opportunities keep graduate students connected and engaged with the design industry.

Studios, on the other hand, look like a detective's lab. Students pin pictures of existing products and concepts to the walls, drawn together in a crisscross of yarn, sticky notes, mind maps and other inspirations. It's a mesmerizing experience that may only make sense to the designer who put it together, but graduate students find calm and humor in the chaos.

What We Do and How We're Different

Students who study industrial design will be the next generation of design leaders shaping our world. Georgia Tech industrial designers will be uniquely equipped to lead in technical environments and topics such as parametric modeling, rapid prototyping, interactive environments, wearable technology, universal design, and assistive technology. We take a fundamentally different approach from industrial design programs rooted in the fine arts.

Georgia Tech ID students learn design techniques, such as graphic communications, sketching, and modeling, that allow them to have the foundations and skills needed to draw inspiration from the world to create visual outputs that play a critical part in research and user testing. 

360 Virtual Tour of design building

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Ready to experience what it's like to be a fellow industrial design Yellow Jacket? Whether you want the large-scale feel of a virtual campus visit or the close connection of a one-on-one meeting, we're committed to providing a virtual experience that's customized just for you.

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