Undergrad students visiting Georgia Tech for FAST and touring the design building.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Our programs are recognized as Human-Centered Technology Design STEM degrees.

As part of a top-ranked research institute, we believe design operates best in collaboration. Our students offer solutions using user-focused research and our design philosophy influences innovation throughout Georgia Tech. Our approach integrates design, technology, and business, focusing on making the design of technology and systems more human-centric through interaction, healthcare, service, and product design, as well as user-experience research.

Our Differentiator: Technical Excellence in Design

Georgia Tech Industrial Design uniquely prepares students for leadership roles in the design world, particularly in technical fields. Our curriculum goes beyond traditional design principles, equipping students with advanced skills in parametric modeling, rapid prototyping, interactive environments, wearable technology, universal design, and assistive technology. This technical focus distinguishes our program from those with a fine arts orientation. Students learn to integrate these technological skills into their design processes, making them adept at transforming inspiration into functional, user-centered designs. This blend of artistic and technical training positions our graduates as innovators and leaders in the highly technical and evolving landscape of industrial design.


Black and white pen sketches of shoes on bright red paper.

Undergraduate Academics

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BSID)

Our Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BSID) program uniquely melds Georgia Tech's renowned emphasis on scientific rigor with a tradition of expansive, creative conceptual development in design. This blend is further enriched by integration with computer science courses and access to our dedicated teaching and research labs. These elements inspire our students to tackle challenges and envision innovative design solutions that are forward-thinking and anticipatory of future trends.

MID student wearing a virtual reality headset

Graduate Academics

Master of Industrial Design (MID)

In our Master of Industrial Design (MID) program, graduate students from diverse backgrounds unite in their shared enthusiasm for creative problem-solving and empathy-driven design. The curriculum is enriched by experienced instructors and a series of lectures from visiting industry experts, fostering networking and industry insights. The studio environment is a hive of creativity, where students immerse themselves in a mix of sketches, mind maps, and inspirations, creating a productive yet playful atmosphere. This approach, combined with regular research and exhibition opportunities, ensures our students are deeply engaged with and prepared for the design industry's evolving landscape.

Flexibility with Focus

We offer three tracks that align our curriculum with cutting-edge directions in the industrial design profession. Students can select studios and/or professors to explore one or more of the following concentrations:  

Students showcase their product during Launchpad's Make 10 celebration. Headphone stand pictured here.

Product Development and Innovation

Student working on health-centered project for scoliosis outcomes.

Health and Well-Being

Colorful ball that reacts to stimulus and engagement.

Interactive Product Design

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