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Georgia Tech Student Chapter

Georgia Tech Student Chapter

IDSA stands for the Industrial Design Society of America, and serves as a professional organization to help industrial designers learn, interact, and further their crafts. Georgia Tech is home to a student chapter of IDSA, which is student run. IDSA is the most well-established student organization in the school of industrial design, and students can join for a small fee ($30 dollars over the $375 fee for professional members). Interested? Check out the information below. 

IDSA Student Leadership

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Tynan Purdy Headshot

Tynan Purdy


My name is Tynan Purdy. I love the community we have here, and I want to do whatever I can to help it thrive.
Haley Gruensfelder

Haley Gruensfelder

VP of Operations

Hi there! I'm Haley, and I'm interested in user experience design. I’m also involved in the IPDL and would love to talk!
Ashley Darling Headshot

Ashley Darling

VP of Branding

Hi! I’m a third-year Industrial Design major. I help promote events through social media and poster promotion.
Jared Teiger Headshot

Jared Teiger

VP of Public Relations

Hello, I’m Jared! I love combining engineering with design to create concepts that can lead to innovative breakthroughs.
Karina Bhattacharya Headshot

Karina Bhattacharya

Graduate Representative

Hi, I’m Karina! I am pursuing my interests in research-based product design and education.
Heather Fleming Headshot

Heather Fleming

Senior Representative

Hi! I’m Heather. I am a designer who loves to learn with a passion for social good and service.
Megan Tran Headshot

Megan Tran

Junior Representative

Hi, I’m Megan. I like working with technology, interactive experiences, and branding.
MacKenzie York Headshot

MacKenzie York

Sophomore Representative

Hi, I am MacKenzie. I love taking in feedback and improving the student experience here at Tech!
Rebecca Scarbrough Headshot

Rebecca Scarbrough

Freshman Representative

Hey there! I’m passionate about aesthetics, human values, and learning from others.

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