A photo of BuzzRa, a student project of interactive cosplay for a Buzz doll.

Transfer Students

Transfer Students

If you happen to be looking for a more creative career option, you may want to investigate our industrial design program. If you are currently a Georgia Tech student in another program you may want to "test the waters" by enrolling in our ID minor.

Transferring into Georgia Tech?

If you are not currently a Georgia Tech student, a complete course transfer evaluation will be done when you have been accepted to Tech. The Institute will determine whether you have completed courses that transfer credit for design studio work or other industrial design-related course work.

A listing of common transfer credits for many colleges and schools is available online. Be sure to also contact Troy Whyte, the Academic Advisor for the School of Industrial Design, if you have any further questions regarding undergrad transfer credits and policies.

The same set of standards is applied to all undergraduate applicants for admission to Georgia Tech, regardless of major. Since the applicant pool changes each year, so do the standards for admission. Admission decisions are based on a combination of factors, including academic GPA, test scores (SAT I or ACT), leadership record, and a personal essay.

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