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247 Fourth St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus

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Academic Leadership

EunSook Kwon

Dr. EunSook Kwon

School Chair & Professor

Tim Purdy

Tim Purdy

Graduate Program Coordinator & Senior Lecturer

Kevin Shankwiler

Kevin Shankwiler

Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Senior Lecturer

Administrative Support

Amy Fortson

Amy Fortson

Academic Program Manager

Tamika Blanks Headshot

Tamika Blanks

Graduate Academic Advisor

Troy Whyte

Troy Whyte

Undergradute Academic Advisor

Contact Key

In order to assist you, please take a look at the following areas and appropriate contact person within the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design:
Undergraduate Programs – BSID & ID Minor:

Undergraduate Advising & Admissions Inquiries: Troy Whyte
Curriculum; Feedback & Concerns: Kevin Shankwiler
College of Design Visits & Tours: College Team
Graduate Programs – MID & MSHCI-ID Track:
Graduate Advising & Admissions Inquiries: Tamika Blanks
Curriculum; Feedback & Concerns: Tim Purdy
Feedback & Concerns (All Academic): Dr. EunSook Kwon
Industry Recruitment, Collaboration, or Sponsorships: Dr. EunSook Kwon
General questions:
Thank you and we hope to connect with you soon!