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Support the School

Support the School

Investing in Georgia Tech's School of Industrial Design is more than giving to an academic program; it's a commitment to fostering future leaders in innovation and design. While our students, faculty, and alumni have made impressive strides, continuing this path of excellence requires enhanced sponsorship funding. Such support is vital for providing competitive scholarships, especially for those in financial need, and extends to expanding access to design education, establishing enduring endowments and legacies, and enriching the educational landscape with sponsored resources. Sponsorships for design studios, lectures, internships, and industry collaborations not only augment our curriculum but also offer invaluable practical experiences to our students. This comprehensive support system is essential in sustaining our commitment to design education, our leadership in advancing the human condition, and in nurturing meaningful connections between our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and industry.

If you would like to explore avenues of enrichment and collaboration with the School, please contact Dr. EunSook Kwon, School Chair at

How to Make Your Gift

If you would like to make a difference, you can contact Kelly Smith, Director of Development in the College of Design, to discuss your philanthropic goals.

Making a Donation Online

  1. Click on “Give Now” below
  2. Enter donation amount at the top
  3. In the “Designation” box, please pick College of Design: School of Industrial Design
  4. Review and enter all other details as needed and then click "Give" to continue

Should you need any assistance or prefer to submit a check, please contact Kelly Smith, Director of Development at or call her at 404.623.6295.

Thank you for your support!

Graduate students line up holding certificates.

Empowering & Expanding Design Excellence

Providing undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowships to our gifted students has a direct and positive effect on their academic success. Additionally, we are committed to enhancing the accessibility of design education for underrepresented minorities and increasing resources for students facing financial challenges. Both individuals and corporations have the opportunity to establish a lasting impact within the School and profoundly influence the lives of students through significant educational and living support contributions.

Professor Young-Mi Choi teaches a class in front of a window filled with sticky notes.

Attracting Top Talent

Securing the engagement of highly promising, skilled, and accomplished faculty members, including both academic scholars and industry practitioners, is essential for the enrichment of our students and the overall success of the School. Our faculty are pivotal to the program, contributing significantly in design studios, classrooms, and within the professional design community. Recognizing the importance of collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches in design innovation, the School of Industrial Design values forming partnerships with practitioners from various fields. These partnerships are crucial for forging vital connections and improving our students' educational experiences.

Establishing positions such as corporate or individual 'professors of practice' through a permanent endowment fund would provide students with unique opportunities to engage directly with the industry, fostering potential professional pathways and experiences beyond their graduation.

A student wears red dots on her face as she is scanned by a 3-D scanning machine.

Supporting Cutting-Edge Technology

Industrial design is deeply rooted in technology, making it imperative for our School to stay at the forefront of design education. This requires providing our students with access to the latest and upcoming technologies and equipment, including state-of-the-art 3D printing and surface scanning technologies, comprehensive makerspace tools and materials, and various advanced software and hardware.

Your contribution to the School's equipment and technology fund can make a significant and enduring difference in the quality of our program. By supporting this fund, you help ensure that our students are equipped with the best tools and technology to excel in their field.

Students gather around a tablet in the Interactive Product Design Lab.

Shaping Future Innovators

Exceptional programs attract both students and faculty, characterized by a cutting-edge curriculum, emerging expert lecturers, global study opportunities, corporate collaborations, and substantial resources. Students seek a variety of experiences in their coursework, research, and professional engagements. Design students, in particular, have a deep desire to help people and solve problems.

Contributions towards sponsored design studios, lectures, or internships can greatly enhance our industrial design program. Your support plays a crucial role in allowing our program and students to have enhanced opportunities in creating exceptional contributions to society.

Students gather around their project in the Interactive Product Design Lab.

Creating Collaborative & Beneficial Partnerships

Forging strong, collaborative ties with Atlanta's professional design community is a key focus for the School of Industrial Design, as these partnerships yield significant benefits for both our students and faculty. Opportunities such as sponsored design studios or special projects are prime examples of how we can connect and collaborate. For corporations, sponsoring these initiatives not only enhances their visibility and name recognition but also provides our students with invaluable real-world experiences.

Engaging in philanthropy presents an excellent chance for corporations to elevate their presence on our campus and build meaningful relationships with the emerging generation of designers. This engagement is a strategic way to blend corporate social responsibility with direct involvement in shaping the future of design.

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