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Humanizing Through Design

Humanizing Through Design

The School of Industrial Design is dedicated to elevating our students’ voices and opportunities. Our goal, as designers and educators, is to be better advocates for all people through meaningful interaction, curriculum, service, and inclusiveness.

At the Institute level, Georgia Tech's Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion offers resources and programs to promote the academic growth and success of underrepresented minorities and women students on campus. Find a student organization that intrigues you or join the ID Changers student group!

Our School's Commitment

As designers, our undoubted commonality is that we all want to make the world better by working on solutions that address society’s challenges. Systemic racism is what it is by design, and it is likely the biggest, most enduring problem, and flawed design that our society faces. 

We are committed to being a part of the solution and to humanize through design.

We will strive to ensure that underrepresented groups have a voice in the design process, and within the products, services, and experiences we design.

This is an opportunity to be the best educators, designers, and humans we can be.

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