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Humanizing Through Design

Humanizing Through Design

The School of Industrial Design is dedicated to elevating our students’ voices and opportunities. Our goal, as designers and educators, is to be better advocates for all people through meaningful interaction, curriculum, service, and inclusiveness.

To that end, we have established a student group that will help guide us as we make positive change in racial equity and diversity. This group, the “ID Changers”, will be ambassadors for change, and will empower voices through the development of new initiatives that address systemic racism, social inequities, and human rights.

At the Institute level, Georgia Tech's Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion offers resources and programs to promote the academic growth and success of underrepresented minorities and women students on campus. Find a student organization that intrigues you or join the ID Changers student group!

Our School's Commitment

As designers, our undoubted commonality is that we all want to make the world better by working on solutions that address society’s challenges. Systemic racism is what it is by design, and it is likely the biggest, most enduring problem, and flawed design that our society faces. 

We are committed to being a part of the solution and to humanize through design.

We will strive to ensure that underrepresented groups have a voice in the design process, and within the products, services, and experiences we design.

This is an opportunity to be the best educators, designers, and humans we can be.

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ID Changers

The new student group for forward change in racial equity and diversity needs passionate students that want to be part of this culture change within Georgia Tech, the School of Industrial Design, and the design industry.

This new initiative will be successful by using design principles and design thinking to create strong building blocks that will help the new student group strike lasting change.

Please express your interest through our interest form!

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Humanizing Through Design Sticker Competition

Our sticker competitions are a chance for all of you to be ID Changers! You don't have to be a student ambassador to be an ally for change. Use your creativity to design a sticker for forward change in equity, diversity, and humanizing through design.

Submissions are now closed for sticker design submissions, but we will be announcing more competitions in the coming months!

Competition Instructions and Guidelines (Closed)

  • Open to all industrial design students at Georgia Tech. Submit your information and upload your final file submissions
  • All designs/artwork must be original
  • 3 students stickers will be chosen by design and equity advocates based on a rubric point system. The top 3 stickers will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards:
    • 1st Place Award: $500
    • 2nd Place Award: $300
    • 3rd Place Award: $100
  • Designs will be scored on a 1-5 point system in the following categories: Creativity/Originality, Inclusiveness, Social Awareness, Impactfulness, and Mastery of Design Elements

  • Please use your voice and skillset to positively highlight:
    • Celebration of Black lives, diversity, cultures, and inclusion
    • Support and solidarity
    • Bold, empowering statements that resonate with current events
    • Inspiring, empowering, and uplifting messages
  • See submission form for more details on specifications and for a helpful template

Competition Rules

Note: Winning designs may be shared throughout campus and websites, and awarded students grant the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design an exclusive intellectual property license agreement to use the design for purposes intended to showcase, engage, and communicate the message of "equity in design". The use rights are also applicable to use in campaigns to support the goals of the School and ID Changers student ambassador group. The terms are exclusive because the awarded student still maintains full ownership and intellectual property rights over their design(s) to personally use and monetarily benefit from if the student so chooses. Being an exclusive license just limits the student from providing the file/design to any other entity that is not part of Georgia Tech. The School will recognize and credit the student creator whenever possible. It is our primary purpose to function for the benefit of our students and their growth. Please note that these terms only apply to awarded students.

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