About the School

An industrial design student uses body scanning technology to measure a fellow student.

Georgia Tech's Industrial Design Program is Truly Unique

The School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech takes full advantage of the fact that our university is a Tier 1 Research Institute. We teach our students, from undergrad to PhD, to use the technologies and engineering expertise that surround them at this university in order to design products with the end user in mind.

It's a significantly different approach than many other Industrial Design programs rooted in the fine arts.

Sure, you'll learn how to sketch if you take our classes, but you'll also learn how to use a 3-D printer to rapidly prototype. Naturally, you'll learn about the design process in our classes, but you'll also learn how to use that process to collaborate with engineers and scientists.

We believe design operates best in collaboration: Not only do our students solve design problems based on user-centered research, but our design philosophy influences research and innovation throughout Georgia Tech.

Chair's Welcome

The chair of the School of Industrial Design, Jim Budd, explains how Georgia Tech is facing change in the design field head-on.

Our History

From our roots in Bauhaus to our work with wearable technologies, learn about the School of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech.


Our alumni provide industry insight and facilitate our ability to stay at the forefront of design and technology.


You can make a difference in a student's education or impact the school itself through a variety of opportunities.


The Innovation Design Collaborative is a workshop dedicated to the integration of design thinking, invention and innovation.