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Student Life

Student Life

Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design distinguishes itself through its commitment to the end-user and its multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. But beyond the books, our students are some of the closest knit on campus. Sharing long studio hours and innovating together creates long-lasting bonds among our grads.

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Designer Values

Designer Values

The School of Industrial Design is unique on Georgia Tech's campus, and so are its students. They stand out in a crowd of engineers for plenty of reasons. Here's just a few:

  • They're curious problem-solvers. They like a challenge and want to find unique ways of solving problems and showing off their skills.
  • They're perfectionists. They get so drawn into their projects and so hyper-focused that they're willing to spend extra hours to make their work truly amazing.
  • They're a family. They see the same friends they made in freshman studio class in every class they take for four years. It's harder to say the same as an engineering student, whose classes can sometimes include hundreds of students.
  • They're diverse. Industrial design students love to brag about their 69% female, 31% male student body ratio. They also come from many ethnic backgrounds. They are extroverts and introverts and understand that most creative people are a mix of both.
  • They're nerds and not afraid to show it. They all have different design inspirations and support each other's tendency to geek out. Whether it's being really into tinkering, or being good at CAD work or getting their bliss doing 3D printing and metal work, industrial design students accept each other.

Student Organizations

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Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)

IDSA represents the largest and oldest member-driven industrial design organization in America, serving both students and professionals. On the local scale, IDSA at Georgia Tech caters directly to students, providing both an integral link to the professional society and a fun, social outlet for students through valuable events and programs such as portfolio workshops, sketch nights, and alumni networking.

We’re a small, casual organization that’s focused on making good friends, representing Georgia Tech, and landing jobs. We’re open to everyone, ID or not, so feel free to get involved and spread the word.


MID Grad Council

The MID Graduate Council was established to provide a leadership structure composed of master's of industrial design students to represent their peers and give the MID student body a voice. The council's primary goals are to facilitate the sense of community between all students, discover and bring attention to student needs, and seek to improve the student experience.

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