Tech Student Presents at IDSA Education Symposium

Karina Bhattacharya, right, presents her paper on stage with presentation screen in the back.
Photo: School of Industrial Design
Karina Bhattacharya, lower right corner, presents her published paper The Design of Politics and Capitalism at the IDSA Education Symposium.
Karina Bhattacharya | October 2, 2023 - Atlanta, GA

Last month, I attended the International Design Conference (IDC) and IDSA Education Symposium 2023 in New York. At the IDSA Education Symposium, I presented my published paper, “The Politics of Design and Capitalism: from Historical to Contemporary Perspectives.”

I explained how I combined my academic disciplines of industrial design and political theory; showed the ways industrial designers demonstrated support of capitalism during the Cold War; and the discussed inextricable link between industrial design and capitalism (as shown through market competition, design initiative, and the consumer’s ability to choose from a diverse range of products).

I only had eight minutes for my presentation, so I was glad to hear that my presentation and storytelling was well-received and considered unique as well as educational.

The IDC and Education Symposium was an opportunity for professional designers, educators, and students to gather, network, and learn about advancements in design via presentations and workshops. The conference is hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), a professional organization dedicated to advancing innovation in industrial design, both in the professional realm and in higher education.

Karina Bhattacharya

Karina Bhattacharya

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The Politics of Design and Capitalism

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