Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash
Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash

MID Portfolio Guidelines

MID Portfolio Guidelines

While you may not all have a traditional background in design, it's entirely possible to construct a powerful and competitive portfolio by highlighting your distinctive strengths and works. Our School engages in a highly multidisciplinary research environment and all educational backgrounds can bring interesting insights and gain greatly from an evidence-based design education.

Whether you have a design background or not, below are some helpful guidelines to leverage.

As you prepare your application for the MID program, we recommend that you focus on emphasizing the diversity of thought, knowledge, and skills that underpin your candidacy. Tailor your narrative to emphasize your personal contributions, strategic insights, and successful endeavors. We encourage you to be thoughtful and intentional with the information you share, demonstrating an ability to condense complex information into effective and engaging narratives.

Keep in mind, the articulation of your thought process holds significant value. You possess the discretion to choose the optimal approach to succinctly and clearly convey your work.

Please note, we look forward to receiving your well-curated portfolio (no more than 15 pages) submission in PDF format, to facilitate a smooth evaluation process.

Design Ethos

Quality Over Quantity

Show Versatility

Keep Layout Clean

Tips for a Competitive & Balanced Portfolio

Transferable Skills

Interdisciplinary Projects

Range of Skills

Problem-Solving Methods

Skill Development


If you need inspiration, Behance is a great place to find portfolio examples from people around the world. Your portfolio does not have to look like the examples, but you can gain valuable insights that can guide you while you create or update your portfolio.


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