ID Fundamentals during the spring semester

Industrial Design Fundamentals
ID 1012

Industrial Design Fundamentals ID 1012

ID Fundamentals during the spring semester focuses on the introduction of digital fabrication and manufacturing. The course objectives include: Researching user needs and identifying design opportunities and championing user needs by applying ergonomic principles to design solutions. In the course, students are challenged to: 


  • Think creatively to solve problems.
  • Design simple products in CAD software.
  • Fabricate prototypes and low resolution models.
  • Communicate design solutions with digital sketches, CAD drawings, photographs, and videos.
Functional Wearables

Functional Wearables

This project explores user research, wearables design and 3D printing in plastic and metal, then micro-branding and online sales. Each student designs an original functional wearable that is 3D printed from Shapeways and creates a brand identity for an e-commerce platform. The project objectives are to understand the relationship between product function and the human body and to develop skills in digital development, prototyping, production, and online presence.

Sustainable Footwear

Sustainable Footwear

Shoe design considers not just function, but also brand and aesthetics. Shoemaking is a complex process requiring over 200 operations to make a pair. The shoemaking process consumes vast amounts of water and energy and generates mountains of waste. Shoe designers play an important role in improving the footwear industry’s sustainability.

In this project, students design a pair of sneakers with a sustainable approach, focusing on reduce, reuse, and recycle. Students learn to work with soft material -- this year is Eco-Felt -- and focus on creative upper design through pattern-making, and then finally assemble it with a pair of upcycled outsoles. 

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