Tripp Edwards

Director, Fabrication Labs
Academic Professional

Tripp Edwards is the director of fabrication labs -- Laser cutters, 3D print lab, the design shop, and the Digital Fabrication Lab -- for the College of Design at Georgia Tech. As director, he maintains the labs, ensures their safe use, and instructs students as they explore their designs.

Research interests include new fabrication technologies as well as methodologies and practice in pre-industrial woodwork and metalwork. Edwards is a member of the Furniture Society, the Georgia Association of Woodturners, and the Society of Academic Workshops (SAWS).

He received his B.F.A in sculpture and photography from the State University of West Georgia, and his M.S. in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. He worked professionally in the industrial design prototyping and fabrication industry for 10 years with a focus on footwear, home appliances and medical products.