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Hannah Ranieri

Capstone Design Studio Hannah Ranieri

My design philosophy is that design is a constant opportunity to improve someone’s life. In every design, I attempt to make connections with the user by constantly learning, always asking “why?”, maintaining a keen attention to detail, and recognizing when something can be improved. I want to make users feel understood through my design.

The boARd

The boARd is a gaming system that combines all the benefits of online gaming with the satisfaction of interacting with the physical components in tabletop board games. People appreciate online gaming because they can play with people in other places, the gameplay is streamlined, and it’s very convenient. However, in comparison to traditional tabletop games, online games lack the same level of human interaction, the tangibility of the game pieces, and the sounds of gameplay.

Using AR, I could bridge the gap between the virtual and physical within an immersive environment containing tangible elements for players to use and interact with.

The boARd Mindmap

Project Process Book

To learn more about my process for developing my augmented reality gaming system concept, please view my process book. In it, you'll find trend research on design, culture, technology, and commerce trends as well as survey and interview material and more.

Hannah Ranieri

About Me

Hannah Ranieri

For me, life is about people and the connections you make with those around you. I want to impact as many people’s lives in a positive way as I possibly can, and that’s the main reason I’m so passionate about design. Trying to find ways, big or small, to put a smile on someone’s face is what shapes my vision of what great design can be, and I’ll do that in any capacity I can.

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