Hannah Ranieri


I believe design is a constant opportunity to improve someone’s life. In every design, I attempt to make connections with the user by constantly asking questions, maintaining a keen attention to detail, and recognizing when something can be improved. I want to make users feel understood through my design.

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Pictures of netflix screens

Netflix Service Design Project

Netflix Service Design Project

Class: ID 6216  |  Instructor: Florian Vollmer

Group Member: Elena Margarella

To intervene in the digital streaming service market, we began by investigating the major commercial rise in the subscription economy. With dozens of mainstream services in North America alone, consumers are inundated with options. Due to Netflix's leadership position in the market and reputation as the default streaming service, intervention in this service posed the greatest potential for successful market penetration and permeation.

Through our service design, we aimed to elevate the holistic Netflix new user experience. We intended to feed curiosity through a homepage preview, engage instantly through an initial interest survey, allow users to project their personality with personal playlists, improve findability with my list filters, and inspire reflection with a Netflix rewind social media story.


Pictures of the boARd

the boARd

the boARd

The boARd is a gaming system that combines all the benefits of online gaming with the satisfaction of interacting with the physical components in tabletop board games. People appreciate online gaming because they can play with people in other places, the gameplay is streamlined, and it’s very convenient. However, in comparison to traditional tabletop games, online games lack the same level of human interaction, the tangibility of the game pieces, and the sounds of gameplay.

Using AR, I bridge the gap between the virtual and physical within an immersive environment containing tangible elements for players to use and interact with.


Pictures of living laboratory

CHOA Living Laboratory

CHOA Living Laboratory

Group Members: Members of Health Design Studio
Class: Health Design Studio  |  Instructor: Herb Velazquez

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta tasked us with creating an innovative hospital room design that could function as a reconfigurable living laboratory to allow physicians to test new equipment and technology. In our final room design, we sought to improve the efficiency and ease of use and bridge the communication gaps for medical staff, patients, and caregivers. In addition, we wanted to create an environment that was comfortable, functional, and would reduce the duration of the patient’s hospital stay.

This project was accomplished through the combined efforts of all members of the Junior Health Design Studio. My primary focus was on the ability of the room to mimic the patient’s home environment and the conditions and limitations present in that space. I also helped to present our final design through journey mapping example research cases to show how the room could reconfigure to adapt to the patient and staff needs.


Picture of Klemis App Screens

My Klemis

My Klemis

Group Members: Hannah Ranieri, Morgan Platt, Ramsey Lehman, Brittany Ritter, Karina Patricia, Swaraj Agarwal, Mohammed Soudachi
Class: Health Design Studio  |  Instructor: Jon Sanford

My Klemis is a resource management application for Georgia Tech’s on campus food pantry Klemis Kitchen. After visiting their location and gathering insights, we found that Klemis Kitchen needed an improved system that would facilitate communication between locations and users in order to support a decentralized distribution system in the future. To address this need, my team identified the most important information necessary for students and staff and created an app to optimize the accessibility and communication of key information.

This app is currently being developed by a Georgia Tech Computer Science Capstone team, and it will be implemented at Klemis Kitchen in the near future.


Pictures of Lamp



Class: Sophomore Studio  |  Instructor: Lisa Marks

For this project, I wanted to design a lamp that created a relaxing, homey environment without looking antiquated. As a tribute to modern construction, SEVEN is constructed of concrete, steel, and glass. The delicate, curved metal is consumed by the blunt chunk of concrete in an interesting juxtaposition of masculine and feminine forms. Designed to emit ambient light throughout a room, SEVEN is the perfect statement lamp to illuminate a modern cafe environment.

Through this project, I was able to learn a lot about working with metal and concrete, as well as the challenges that come with electrical connections. I do really enjoy physical building and learning new techniques, so this project was very fun for me.