Brittany Ritter


Hey there! I’m a fourth-year Industrial Design student at Georgia Tech. After studying graphic design throughout my four years of trade school, I knew that I wanted to further my ability to design experiences that users love. That’s why I’m so passionate about the design research and ethnographic studies that make deep user understanding possible.

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Class: Capstone Studio | Instructor: Roger Ball

I’ve always loved dreaming big. That’s why when I began researching wicked problems, I knew I wanted to spend the semester learning more. Wicked problems are long-term, large-scale societal problems that are so complex, they can’t be solved. Think things like climate change, food insecurity, and refugee crises.

For this project, I spent months researching the interconnected nature of wicked problems and interviewing designers about their experiences with designing for wicked topics. Ultimately, I aspired to create something that could ease the strenuous experience of designing products and services that are influenced by wicked issues. That’s how WIK, a mobile app rooted in education, collaboration, and reflection, was born.

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Class: Design Bloc | Instructor: Wayne Li

After taking Wayne Li’s User-Centered Design Methods course during my second year of undergraduate study, I was fascinated by the field of ethnography. This fascination prompted me to join the Design Bloc Vertically Integrated Project during my third year. That semester, I got to conduct an ethnographic study on the city of Atlanta’s bus ridership.

MARTA, Atlanta’s bus and train system, had become my second home that semester as I interviewed countless bus riders and drivers alike. By observing and interacting with people in their typical environment, I was able to gain a deep understanding of user needs, which ultimately enhanced my ability to develop insights and drive our ideation process. Thanks to this experience, I’m more confident in my research abilities and eager to pursue more design research.

A grid of iphones showing the user interface for a kitchen app

My Klemis

My Klemis

Group Members:  Brittany Ritter, Hannah Ranieri, Morgan Platt, Karina Patricia, Ramsey Lehman, Swaraj Agarwal, Mohammed Soudachi

Class: Health Studio | Instructor: Jon Sanford

Georgia Tech’s Division of Student Life oversees Klemis Kitchen, a food pantry for Georgia Tech students with dietary needs and financial concerns that limit their access to proper nourishment. Our team had the opportunity to improve the operation of Klemis Kitchen through the creation of My Klemis. My Klemis is a resource management system, comprised of an app and POS system, that improves the distribution of inventory and communication between Klemis Kitchen staff, volunteers, and students. This app was developed by Georgia Tech Computer Science students in hopes of being implemented at Klemis Kitchen in the future.