Julia Brandsdorfer


I am a currently a junior at Georgia Tech studying Industrial Design. I try to design things for groups of people that may feel marginalized in some way. Wether it is because of their religion or because of their economic stability. I want to make a good impact on the world.

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Kosher Appliance Hub

Kosher Appliance Hub

Class: ID 3051

Kosher appliances are kitchen appliances made to have special settings for use on the sabbath and other holidays. Many of the appliances have settings so that they stay on for more than 12 hours. It is a function that disables the automatic shut-off function Some other appliances have their lights disabled so that the appliance can be used without having to turn on and off the light. I want to create a central kitchen hub that has access to all the kitchen appliances through Bluetooth so that cyclical timers can be set for the appliances that are connected to the hub.


Picture of triggi

The Picking Partner

The Picking Partner

Class: ID 2024

The Picking Partner is meant to be used by people who suffer from body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) and are mostly in the age group of teens to mid-twenties. The most common BFRBs are hair pulling (trichotillomania) and skin picking (dermatillomania). Many people suffer from BFRBs and don’t know how to work through them. BFRBs largely effect self confidence and an individual’s social life. Many people indulge in their BFRB when they are stressed and need an immediate release. I want to design something that minimizes or inhibits users from indulging in their BFRB.


Picture of sunguard



Class: ID 2510

Teammates: David Brown, Emma Hall, Ashlyn Sasser

Sunguard is meant to inform the user about the current UV index and alert users when to re-apply their sunscreen. This device is portable so that families and adventurers can take it with them to beaches, parks, or anywhere else they want to go. The user just has to input the sunscreen's SPF level and the Sunguard will do the rest.