Karina Patricia


Hi there, I'm Karina! As a design student with a focus on UX and a CS minor, I’ve had the opportunity to work with restaurants, a hospital, and not to mention the number one privacy management software company! I think the most satisfying part in design is being able to discover those implicit, unspoken needs and bring value to the user through my work. Through my experiences, I’ve also learned the importance of designing interfaces that can be scaled and implemented. When not designing, I like to travel, listen to music, and sit around in coffee shops pretending to be productive (socially distanced, of course!).

To learn more about my process, feel free to visit my portfolio and shoot me a message on LinkedIn. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Screen caps of an app interface.



Teammates:  Sunny Choi
Class: ID 4071 | Instructor: Herb Velazquez

This project started from our initial research on food waste, and we were thinking if it was possible to re-allocate this food surplus to help small restaurants, an essential part in the F&B industry. Our goal was to help small restaurants to manage their resources better by automating day-to-day purchasing, prepping, tracking and encouraging restaurant owners to make data-driven decisions.

Our end product, SPROUT consists of two parts, a live-updating cloud-based inventory and forecasts that provide insights for restaurants for future sales based on historical data. During this project, we learned a lot about narrowing down our value proposition and iterating on a set of down-selected features that are most valuable to the target user. For instance, notifying restaurants when to replenish supplies eliminates the need to constantly go back and forth into storage locations and consolidating relevant news and data related to their business helps restaurant owners make their action plan.

Screenshots of an application interface.

Children’s Healthcare Project

Children’s Healthcare Project

Teammates:  Eunhee Jung, Joel Loo, Piers Mrkusic, Jereme Tan
Class: ID 3032 | Instructor: Herb Velazquez

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is constantly testing new, better treatments to minimize the duration of their patients’ stay as many patients that could have been sent home faster were kept in the hospital longer as a fail-safe procedure. Their challenge for us was to design a future hospital room that ensures comfort for patients and at the same time accommodates testing for new treatments.

This project was completed thanks to the combined efforts of all members of the Junior Health Design Studio. My role as part of the UX team was to design the dashboard interface that enables the clinical research team to monitor trials conducted in the hospital room. Through this process, I learned how to design a digital experience that is integrated with a physical environment. Our dashboard adds value to the physical space by enabling the clinical research team to easily observe different variables that affect trials and how different parties move within the study environment. They are also able to toggle between different timestamps to identify potential loopholes in the healthcare service.

Several screen shots of a twitch plugin interface.

Twitch Extension Project

Twitch Extension Project

Teammates:  Oneal Suwandi, Philip Ogunshola

Class:  CS 3750 | Instructor: Maribeth Gandy Coleman

In this project, I worked as UX designer together with 2 engineers to design a desktop extension for Twitch users to customize their viewing layout while watching live Overwatch games. After conducting user interviews and thoroughly researching existing platforms, we found a disconnect between user needs and features that are currently offered.


Users valued the current system’s ability to stream multiple views of the game and access lots of information relevant to the game. However, their ultimate goal was to watch the game in peace and current systems require them to exit the feed to change points of view before refreshing the entire feed. Through this project, I learned to explore a variety of interactions other than navigating from screen to screen. Using drag and drop interactions and a collapsible player stats tab, we were able to provide a way to seamlessly customize viewing layouts without moving away from the live feed.

Several screen shots of the Bits of Good project application.

Bits of Good Project

Bits of Good Project

Teammates:  Stephanie Yang, Vadini Agrawal, George Jacob, Samyak Kumar, and the BGC Safety Dev Team
Solo Project

During my semester working with Bits of Good, a non-profit organization at Georgia Tech, I collaborated with product managers and developers to design and build an attendance tracker dashboard for Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. From this project, I learned how to align a product with the goals of multiple stakeholders in an organization.

The BGCMA leadership reached out to us with a need to collect data from multiple clubs across the US to keep track of safety incidents, however through interviews with club-level managers we found that safety wasn’t necessarily the core issue. By working closely with club managers during the process, we found that they valued the ability to automate important tasks that often fall behind on their priority list. For instance, our dashboard visualizes attendance data and allows club managers to contact members that aren’t using the bus service as much. This way, they can clear up space for wait-listed members and optimize bus capacity.