Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate industrial design students discuss a drawing skills lesson.

We Are the Unconventional Artists of Georgia Tech

The Industrial Design program at Georgia Tech is one of the most creative programs in the Institute, and the most technologically advanced program of its kind in the country. From the first year through the fourth, ID students focus on hands-on projects and experience Georgia Tech's grand tradition of fearless experimentation.

Our school is significantly different from other ID programs. For us, industrial design is an art that operates at the intersection of design, technology, and business. We combine Georgia Tech's rigorous scientific approach with our design traditions of free-wheeling conceptual development. Integration with computer science classes, and our own teaching/research labs motivate students to solve problems and imagine design solutions that anticipate the future.

Academic Plan

First-year Industrial Design students begin their academic career by diving into classes that build core design skills. Students learn to sketch, model, design, and visually communicate in studio courses taught by ID faculty and industry experts. Lecture classes introduce students to the history of Industrial Design, and the breadth of career opportunities afforded by the discipline. With this broad learning in their first year, our students are well-positioned to be skillful, creative problem solvers.

As sophomores, ID students connect to research, expand their digital design skills, and build fundamental skills in smart product design – a hallmark of our program.

Junior students dream big, and begin to focus on our research driven specializations:

  • Our Product Development and Innovation specialization applies advanced design and manufacturing methods to develop innovative new concepts for a broad range of product design applications. We focus on parametric modeling, 3D scanning, advanced materials, and digital manufacturing
  • Our Health and Well-Being specialization focuses on a proactive approach to the application of design research, universal design, and product & service design to create new innovations in wellness and health-related products and ecosystems.
  • Our Interactive Product Design specialization leverages advances in body scanning, sensor-based technologies, and soft-goods design to explore opportunities to design and develop "smart" products and next generation wearables.

In the classroom we continue to zoom out, exploring the role of students in product & service systems design, brand and experience design and design entrepreneurship. Studios often work with notable Atlanta clients such as Coca-Cola, Emory Healthcare, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NCR, MailChimp, Chick-fil-A, Porsche, and others.

Senior students bring all their skills to the table in a final capstone design project, solving significant problems with their comprehensive design skills. Several choose to participate on interdisciplinary teams with engineers to tackle real-world problems, and generate beautiful solutions that really work.

Come join us for:

  • Innovation that can only happen with students who are confident with their technological toolkit.
  • Humanitarian Design driven by deep engagement with today’s big problems.
  • Insightful research that drives innovation and answers important questions.
  • Relentless design development that results in pure simple elegance.

Come to Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial Design!

Curious about a student’s take on industrial design at Georgia Tech?  Check out https://whatis.id.gatech.edu/ to see if Industrial Design is a good fit for you.


Students can learn to creatively solve problems within their major study as well as drawing and fabrication design fundamentals.

Co-op & Internships

Georgia Tech has a strong co-op culture and we have strong industry ties here at the School of Industrial Design.

Study Abroad

Learn the many ways that Industrial Design students can gain an international design education through Georgia Tech.

Your Advisor

Meet your Industrial Design undergraduate advisor, Troy Whyte. Find out how to stay informed and get help when you need it.