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Let's Talk About Periods

Let's Talk About Periods is a project that addresses the deeply embedded issue of menstrual stigma in our culture. Menstruation is a taboo topic to talk about in public spaces and leaves women feeling ashamed and quiet about a natural biological process that they experience.

Many may believe there is no problem with not talking about menstruation, but it leaves a massive global impact. For example: there is limited access to menstrual products for those struggling with period poverty, ostracization of women and girls, and limited legislation on women's reproductive health.

Largely a research project, I believe the best way to address this issue is with intervening in the educational system, specifically in 4th grade. What is taught here (or not taught here) is largely the basis for how children interact with periods as they grow up. I created a factual booklet about menstruation that is to be implemented into the sexual education curriculum beginning in 4th grade, and continuing to learn as they grow older. Intervening here allows knowledge to be formed before misconceptions do, so these children can spread truth and make real change in the culture.

Let's Talk About Periods

Project Process Book

This project focused very heavily on research, specifically trend research within our culture today. The goal of this trend research is to find where popular trends and/or issues interconnect, and find a design opportunity within their combination. Where I found the most opportunity was in these four trends:

Design: Period education
Culture: Period shame
Commerce: Lack of access to period products
Technology: Advertising

Additionally, user input in the form of surveys and expert interviews provided me with very important information on what people experience in relation to the culture of menstruation, and the raw data helped drive important design decisions with my booklet.

In creating the booklet, I had to be able to cater to the 4th grade student, using terminology and graphics that they could understand. Additionally, using interactive elements that would help keep their attention, and help them stay interested in learning the material.

Amelia Keller

About Me

Amelia Keller

Hello! I am currently a rising senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and a minor in Sustainable Cities. My major skills include Adobe Creative Cloud programs, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Keyshot, user research, and prototyping.

I love Industrial Design because it allows me to think in new and creative ways, and challenge ideas that have been done before. I have a passion for solving problems for the modern world, and always keep the user in mind when designing products and experiences. Paired with my minor, I believe I can create a more eco-friendly world, while still fulfilling the consumer's need.

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